16 Dec 2021
Talking about Beef
Motivation, encouragement, strength, group spirit and support, recognition - that's what the President of the Swiss Farmers’ Wives and Rural Women’s Association (SBLV) takes away from the Women's Session 2021.
10 Dec 2021
Knowledge of Beef
When you see this cow with her two calves, you can hardly believe they are really twins, as they look so different. And yet, the suckler cow farmer can testify that the grey cow "Leni" gave birth to both calves.
10 Dec 2021
Our Labels
Natura-Beef and Natura-Veal stand for optimum meat quality from species-appropriate suckler cow husbandry. You can see this for yourself when you buy meat directly from the farmer on the farm. Strict controls guarantee the credibility of these label products vis-a-vis COOP consumers.
10 Dec 2021
Cattle Breeds
Once legendary, today world-famous with the coat colour as a brand
17 Jun 2021
Talking about Beef
«Suckler cows behave differently from dairy cows – even if they are trusting»
17 Jun 2021
Beef personally
Hansandrea Marugg explains that he and his family do their best for the well-being of their cattle and they go the extra mile. He is committed to ensure that his animals will also in future, in spite of the presence of wolves, benefit from the mountain air and alpine herbs.
29 Apr 2021
Animal Welfare & Sustainability
23 Apr 2021
Talking about Beef
‘‘Lea and Ben with the suckler cows» provides an hour of exercise in the fresh air with good entertainment and a great learning experience‘‘