23 Apr 2021
Knowledge of Beef
Or why you can enjoy eating a beef steak from Swiss suckler cow husbandry without having a guilty conscience
27 Nov 2020
Knowledge of Beef
An age-old technique
29 Apr 2020
Knowledge of Beef
When it comes to eating meat, opinions and recommendations differ. However, anyone who loves to bite into a juicy grilled steak has at least one good reason for choosing a piece of meat from Natura-Beef: Natura-Beef is meat from grass, and meat from grass is healthy.
16 Dec 2019
Knowledge of Beef
About different types of bacon.
28 Nov 2019
Knowledge of Beef
«Ripened on the bone» or «dry-aged» – a traditional process comes back into fashion
15 Dec 2017
Knowledge of Beef
A Switzerland without cows is unimaginable. Cows are part of Swiss agriculture and characterise the rural landscape like no other animal.