17 Jul 2020
Talking about Beef
«Interests are becoming increasingly diverse. Space is limited.»
10 Jun 2020
Talking about Beef
‘’Demand has grown significantly. Let’s hope this continues after the corona crisis’’.
20 Mar 2020
Talking about Beef
Bringing the Valais closer to suckler cow husbandry
16 Dec 2019
Talking about Beef
The President of Beef Event has already visited over thirty beef's!
13 Aug 2019
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Sandra Mächler and Roman Ackermann, together with their two daughters Sonja and Gabriela, run the Guldenthal inn and farm in Ramiswil at the Scheltenpass.
2 Jul 2019
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Patrick Gerber, Bettingen (BL): « Contact with consumers is important and motivating for us! »
6 Jun 2018
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This year Peter Küng is organising his summer season around
6 Mar 2018
Talking about Beef
Even the President of the Unione dei contadini ticinesi (union of Ticino farmers), Robert Aerni, will be present at the with cow, bag and baggage.