12 Sept 2019
Cattle Breeds
Salers is the name of a mahogany-coloured cattle breed (there are also a few black cows) from the Massif Central in France, or more precisely from Auvergne.
13 Aug 2019
Talking about Beef
Sandra Mächler and Roman Ackermann, together with their two daughters Sonja and Gabriela, run the Guldenthal inn and farm in Ramiswil at the Scheltenpass.
2 Aug 2019
Buying & Cooking
Served with seasonal vegetables and homemade Spätzli.
23 Jul 2019
Cattle Breeds
Luing cattle originates from Scotland.
2 Jul 2019
Talking about Beef
Patrick Gerber, Bettingen (BL): « Contact with consumers is important and motivating for us! »
15 Dec 2018
Cattle Breeds
The «Braunvieh» originated in Central Switzerland.
10 Aug 2018
Cattle Breeds
Tux-Zillertaler cattle probably originate from the Valais Hérens breed and are mainly common in the Tyrol.
6 Jul 2018
Cattle Breeds
Pinzgauer come from Austria and are chestnut brown with a characteristic back and belly blaze.