17 Jul 2020
Talking about Beef
«Interests are becoming increasingly diverse. Space is limited.»
10 Jun 2020
Talking about Beef
‘’Demand has grown significantly. Let’s hope this continues after the corona crisis’’.
10 Jun 2020
Cattle Breeds
Behind the wood lies not only survival but good living
29 Apr 2020
Knowledge of Beef
When it comes to eating meat, opinions and recommendations differ. However, anyone who loves to bite into a juicy grilled steak has at least one good reason for choosing a piece of meat from Natura-Beef: Natura-Beef is meat from grass, and meat from grass is healthy.
25 Mar 2020
Buying & Cooking
Meat from suckler cow husbandry can also be ordered on the Internet
20 Mar 2020
Talking about Beef
Bringing the Valais closer to suckler cow husbandry
2 Feb 2020
Our Labels
Natura-Beef is geared to the natural rhythm of the suckler cow herd like no other label: the suckler cow rears her calf in the herd.
1 Feb 2020
Our Labels
Worldwide, Natura-Veal is probably the calf label with the most stringent animal welfare and animal health standards.