Baby bacon, pork bacon, winter bacon ... Beef bacon?

About different types of bacon.

Grandmothers are happy with baby fat, because for many people a plump child is synonymous with a healthily developing bundle of joy. Very few are happy about winter or holiday bacon. You try to get rid of it for the bikini season at the latest, when the time of «bacon and beans» is over. And why does the «bacon» delicacy always come from pork?

Schweine auf Weide

The «skin» of the pig has a rind with bristles. Between this skin and the muscles lies the bacon, a layer of fat along the back and on the belly, which serves as an energy reserve for the living animal, for insulation against cold and heat, and as protection. The rind is not removed when the domestic pig is slaughtered, but only removed from the bristles.

In the case of cattle, on the other hand, the skin is formed by a coat and connective tissue. There are places in the body of cattle where a lot of fat is formed, but this is heavily traversed by connective tissue. After slaughter, only the fur is removed from the cattle. The solid tissue of the breast is used as boiled meat, for example.

By the way: did you know that the cowhide of mountain races is thicker than that of lowland races?

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