Talking about beef with Martin and Nadine Bernhard-Strub, Worb

‘’Demand has grown significantly. Let’s hope this continues after the corona crisis’’.

Currently Gitan, a proud Limousin bull, is responsible for the next generation on the Hubel farm. (Photo: Fotostudio Nadine Strub)

Martin and Nadine, you usually market your meat on the so-called Beef Days. How does this work?

We organise the Beef Day on our farm every three months. Customers can select and buy really fresh organic beef to suit their taste. They don’t have to order beforehand or buy a fixed amount. In addition we offer homemade Hubel beefburgers, juicy beef bratwursts and crisp Bernese fries for their culinary delight. So shopping becomes an experience at the same time, and our farm a place to meet.

But right now meetings are unfortunately not desirable. How have you reacted to the BAG regulations?

We continue to organise the Beef Days and communicate the dates in advance on our home page. About three weeks before the Beef Day, our regular customers receive an order form online. This lets us put the orders together beforehand according to the customer’s wishes. Then on the Beef Day the customers collect their beef through the open barn doors. Payment can be made through billing, TWINT or via the usual bank cards. This works very well. However, spontaneous purchases are unfortunately not possible.

Has this had an effect on demand for your meat products?

One might expect that people miss not being able to pick out the meat products on the spot. But our regular customers appreciate our products and are comfortable with the current ordering procedure. Moreover, we have even managed to attract new customers. It appears that consumers are buying more sensibly during the corona period and prefer short channels and small businesses. Demand for our products has increased considerably. We very much hope that this will continue for a long while after this exceptional situation.

What do you miss most in these special times?

For us, personal contact with our customers is very important – being together, chatting, having a drink together. We find it a pity that we can’t do this at the moment, and we hope that it will be possible again soon.

Already representing the seventh generation, Martin Bernhard-Strub runs the family farm in Worb together with his wife Nadine and their three children Eliane, Laurent and Charles. In 2016, a herd of suckler cows replaced dairy cattle and pigs on the farm. Some 30 suckler cows, mostly of the Tiroler Grauvieh breed, graze on the farmland together with their calves and a bull. In addition, the farm is home to chickens, cats and a dog.

The farm covers 8 hectares of woodland and 22 hectares of agricultural land, three-quarters of which is grassland. The rest of the area comprises plantations of grain, forage maize, pumpkins and potatoes. The farm has been certified compliant with Knospe guidelines since 2020.

The Natura-Beef produced on the farm is marketed directly and also prepared for special events. Nadine Bernhard-Strub is also an active photographe (Fotostudio Nadine Strub),and runs an Airbnb.

Further information: www.hubel-beef.ch