Buying meat from suckler cow husbandry on-line

Meat from suckler cow husbandry can also be ordered on the Internet

There are various options for ordering meat from suckler cow husbandry on the Internet. Many members of Suckler Cow Switzerland sell both mixed packages and single pieces direct from the farm, and often offer despatch or delivery as well. On the list of direct marketers you will find the contact details of Natura-Beef, Natura-Veal and SwissPrimGourmet producers throughout Switzerland. In any case it’s worth submitting a request.

A simple way of obtaining meat from suckler cow husbandry is via coop@home, where both Natura-Beef and Natura-Veal can be ordered.

Likewise, beef with the label SwissPrimBeef comes from animals that have been raised in herds under husbandry that meets strict requirements. This brand programme is also characterised by animal-friendly conditions and natural feedstuffs. In addition, an animal passport enables 100% traceability back to the farm of origin. SwissPrimBeef can be ordered on the Traitafina website.

Those looking for meat from specific breeds will find links to the respective breed clubs in the sub-menu on our website. Many breed club home pages contain information on where one can buy the corresponding meat. 

Today there is a very wide choice of high-quality beef in Switzerland, from tender branded meat such as Natura-Beef, Natura-Veal and SwissPrimGourmet, through Highland Cattle or Galloway Beef from somewhat older animals and with a stronger taste, to even more exclusive breeds such as Piemontese or Wagyu