A fruity, creamy cordon bleu creation

A Swiss Tavolata recipe from Anita Rudin from the Basel region.

Cordon bleu creation with pure spelt kernotto – a Swiss Tavolata recipe from Anita Rudin. (Photo: zvg)

Ingredients (for 6)

6 pieces   Natura-Beef minute steak (also 2 pieces depending on size)
    Finely chopped Mostbröckli (smoked cured beef)
    Cooking butter
50 g   Finely chopped prunes
150-200 g    Cream cheese (plain)
a bit of   Parsley
1-2 tbsp   Balsamic vinegar
    Salt and pepper
3-4 tbsp   Rapeseed oil
    Meat spices, chili according to taste
1 tbsp   Mustard


Flatten or butterfly the minute steaks. Sprinkle the finely chopped Mostbröckli on the steaks. Mix together ingredients for the filling. Place 1-2 tsp filling on each steak half, squeeze halves together and fix with toothpicks. Prepare marinade, coat cordon bleu and let stand.

Briefly brown the cordon bleu in the hot cooking butter. Place on warmed dish and finish cooking in the oven for some 40 minutes at 80°C.

Prepare pure spelt kernotto or risotto as a side dish.