Natura-Veal – Pasture-grazed veal

Worldwide, Natura-Veal is probably the calf label with the most stringent animal welfare and animal health standards.

Natura-Veal is the brand for Swiss veal from suckler and nurse cows.

Do you like veal? And are you interested in finding about how the animals lived before they were slaughtered? Worldwide, Natura-Veal is probably the calf label with the most stringent animal welfare and animal health standards. At the same time, Natura-Veal is fine, tender veal of exceptional quality.

Pastures and free roaming

Natura-Veal is the only veal label offering guaranteed pasturage for calves. Suckler cows and their calves need to be in the pasture from spring to autumn. In the winter, they can roam outside daily in the exercise area. They are kept in the herd and must be able to move freely. On Natura-Veal farms, no cattle are kept tethered.

Feeding with grass

Natura-Veal is «meat out of grass». Feeding with soybeans, palm fat, growth-enhancing additives or animal protein or fats as well as genetically modified fodder is prohibited. For Natura-Veal, participation in the government programme “Grassland-based milk and meat production” is compulsory.

Animal health

The good husbandry conditions are beneficial for animal health. Surveys show that in comparison to other cattle-rearing systems, Natura-Veal calves are in very good health.

80 percent of Natura-Veal calves live in the same herd from birth to slaughter. Where farmers purchase calves from other farms and provide a nurse cow, they try their best to source them nearby and regularly from the same farms.


Natura-Veal is the only veal label with a guarantee of pasture grazing. (Photos: Mutterkuh Schweiz)

Meat colour

Meat colour depends on various factors like age, cattle-rearing system, breed and feeding. When veal is produced as close to nature as Natura-Veal, a light colour cannot be guaranteed. However, with its fine fibres and tenderness, Natura-Veal is outstanding veal. The maximum slaughter age of five-and-a-half months guarantees that the veal will achieve the desired quality.


The independent, accredited inspection agency “beef control” and the STS inspection service of the Swiss Animal Protection Association use unannounced checks to verify whether farms comply with the strict requirements. Every animal is entered in the BeefNet database, thereby ensuring continuous traceability.


Only meat breeds and crosses with meat breeds are authorised for Natura-Veal. The strict production standards and selected genetics ensure outstanding product quality.

Trademark owner

The label Natura-Veal is a private brand and belongs to the «Verein Mutterkuh Schweiz» (Swiss Suckler Cow Association).

Logo Natura-Veal

Where can I buy Natura-Veal?

Natura-Veal is available from Coop and directly from the farm. You can order it online at coop@home.

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