Pinzgauer – Austrian Draft Strength

Pinzgauer come from Austria and are chestnut brown with a characteristic back and belly blaze.

Many of you associate the name Pinzgauer with a military vehicle rather than cows. This cattle breed from the Salzburg area has in common with the vehicle not only its Austrian origin but also its robustness and cross-country capability.

At the time of the Austro-Hungarian imperial monarchy in the 19th century the Pinzgauer were very widespread in Austria and the surrounding countries. They were mainly used as extremely strong draft animals, and were considerably cheaper to maintain than horses, which were still confiscated by the military when needed.


It is reported that in 1893 at a traction competition in Munich a Pinzgauer pulled a yoke of oxen of over 10 tons – five times its own body weight! With the increased use of tractors after the Second World War demand for Pinzgauers as draft animals declined. However thanks to its good meat quality the race has proved itself splendidly in suckler cow husbandry.

Sources: Das andere Kuhbuch from Michael Brackmann | mutterkuh.ch