Is there a swiss suckler cow?

A Switzerland without cows is unimaginable. Cows are part of Swiss agriculture and characterise the rural landscape like no other animal.

In Switzerland, there are some 700,000 cows and as many calves, steers and bulls, which works out to almost 1.4 million cattle countrywide. Only a small share of this total, namely around 90,000 cows, are suckler cows. Yet breed diversity is significantly more pronounced with suckler cows: 34 breeds are listed in the beef cattle herd book of “Mutterkuh Schweiz”, whereas three breeds account for 98% of the total dairy cow population.

Five suckler cow breeds are of Swiss origin. All derive from so-called “triple-purpose” animals, that is, they were previously used as work animals and sources of milk and meat. As before, the breeding objective is the best possible dual-purpose cow with good grass-fed meat and milk performance.

Here you can get to know the five suckler cow breeds of Swiss origin: