Why meat from grass is healthy

When it comes to eating meat, opinions and recommendations differ. However, anyone who loves to bite into a juicy grilled steak has at least one good reason for choosing a piece of meat from Natura-Beef: Natura-Beef is meat from grass, and meat from grass is healthy.

Many studies have already shown that meat products from cattle primarily fed with meadow forage and pasture fodder have a higher proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids, a major dietary component. For example, an absence of Omega-3 fatty acids would prevent nerve tissue and especially the brain from developing. As the organisms of mammals, including humans, cannot form the basic steps of such fatty acids, they must be derived from either vegetable products or milk and meat.

The more animals graze in pastures, the higher the content of Omega-3 fatty acids in the meat. It has been proven that the high content of Omega-3 fatty acids in grazing animals correlates to the botanical diversity of the pastures. Natural meadows and alpine pastures contain a high proportion of herbs. These contain a lot of tannins and bitter substances like essential oils, which convert Omega-3 fatty acids using the microbes in cows’ rumens. Accordingly, the proportion of valuable Omega-3 fatty acids is higher than in animals that have not been pastured and eat lots of maize and grain.

Natura-Beef comes from calves fed by suckler cows that are in the pastures daily and also receive high-quality meadow forage in winter. So there is nothing keeping you from enjoying the Natura-Beef taste with a clear conscience!

Sources: various contributions by Dr. Florian Leiber, Head of the FiBL Department for Animal Sciences