• Adventure Trail – Lea and Ben with the Suckler Cows

    Adventure Trail – Lea and Ben with the Suckler Cows

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Beef Event

The association Beef Event manages the beef.ch events on behalf of Mutterkuh Schweiz (Suckler Cow Switzerland).

Thomas Butz

Stefan Probst, Jon Paul Thom, Christoph Bill

Ursula Freund, Pia Fussstetter, Elisabeth Quarti, Mathilde Hans-Moevi,  Franziska Schawalder, Meike Wollenberg, Salome Schraner, Urs Vogt, Felix Hauri

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Who is behind this?


beef.ch is a project of Suckler Cow Switzerland, the Swiss association of suckler cow and beef cattle breeders. Suckler Cow Switzerland has over 5000 members with a total of about 90,000 suckler cows. As a government-recognised breeding association it maintains the Beef Cattle Herd Book for 31 different breeds.

Through the brand programmes Natura-Beef, Natura-Veal and SwissPrimGourmet, Suckler Cow Switzerland markets first-rate beef from suckler cow husbandry.

For Suckler Cow Switzerland, beef.ch is an important and interesting communication medium, the aim of which is to encourage the population to adopt a positive approach to agriculture.


Development of beef.ch since 1996

The first beef was held in Langnau in 1996. This was the first exhibition in Switzerland that presented only beef cattle. Suckler Cow Switzerland, formerly SVAMH, then numbered 1700 members. The beef'96, with its 1000 visitors, was run on a small, familiar scale but it represented a milestone for Swiss suckler cow breeders.

In 1999 the beef.ch, the Weidfäscht (pasture festival) on the Pfannenstiel, came into existence and was a great success from the outset. The beef.ch on the Pfannenstiel, repeated in 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013, became the heart of all beef events. In the intervening years, the beef events wandered about Switzerland as a regional exhibition. They represent the largest beef cattle exhibitions in the country. Since 1996 20 beef events have taken place, attracting a total of over 700,000 visitors.

From 2016, the split between national and regional beefs was ended. Each year, unique occasions for experiencing and enjoying beef are to be organised in several regions and on various dates. At least one of the events should take place in an urban centre, as with the previous regional beefs.